About Den

Strong melodies, catchy sing-along choruses and intelligent lyrics, are the trademark of songs composed and performed by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Den Miller. Den is an engaging and entertaining live performer, delivering his music and his message with clarity, energy and a good deal of humour, winning over the most arm-folded of audiences.

Den’s latest album, Join All The Dots, was released on 26th June 2021. Through 11 tracks, he shares his quirky outlook on modern life’s issues and challenges, including relationships, parenting, war and terrorism. Den shares an unusual viewpoint that entertains and is thought-provoking, to make connections between situations and events that seem to be unconnected, to bring a fresh outlook, and to Join All The Dots.

As well as playing at folk clubs and festivals all over the country, Den’s willingness to “go for it” has seen him welcome the Tour de France, perform on a steam train, in the snow, and in people’s homes and gardens (invited, of course!)