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Written and performed by Den Miller


They’ll Always Need Love

The shutters on the shop are down
Empty packaging is on the floor
All his customers away they glided, everyone decided
They didn’t need his stuff any more
And the business he thought he had
And would hand on to his daughter and son
Somehow suddenly was in such a state it evaporated
No use to anyone
So how are they gonna succeed now?
What is it that people still need now?

Well, they’ll always need love
And something to eat while they’re waiting
And something to drink while they’re dating
They’ll need a little help into the world
And out from the world
And a haircut or two in between
And though you’ll have to give it away
They’ll always need love

The cameras used to flash away
He absorbed it like a solar cell
He didn’t care about the faces behind them
The hearts and the minds of anyone except himself
Now his celebrity has faded out and he wishes he had kept a list
Of all those irritating, whining and yelping
Maybe they could help him reinvent and re-exist
So how to launch a new career?
What will people pay him for here?
(Repeat chorus)

Get a career as an engineer or accountant
Sit in the queue until out of the blue you’re redundant
Sorry sir, that fills me with dread!
Is there anything I can do instead?
(Repeat chorus)

So you may feel that there’s no point in all the hours that you’re forced to spend
Manufacturing some special places
That somebody erases at the whim of any latest trend
And it’s a lucky seer who predicts all the vagaries of women and men
Mines and factories will open and close, it ebbs and it flows
Until it comes in fashion again
So what can you do in the meantime?
What skills are needed in all times?
(Repeat chorus)

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright © 2015 Den Miller