1. Always Be One
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Written and performed by Den Miller
© 2015 All rights reserved


Always Be One

I wonder how many roads have I walked down
Is it enough so you’d call me a man?
I wonder how many seas have I sailed
How many hours have I slept on the sand
I wonder how many more lines of Dylan
Before I’m told legal action has begun
But you know when it comes to my woman
The answer will always be one

I wonder how many bars I’ve been into
I wonder how many glasses of wine
How many times have I toasted your good health
And then started what’s not good for mine?
But I know where I’ll wake up in the morning
I won’t have to ask my way home
And whether I am steamed or I’m sober
The answer will always be one

Cos in a world obsessed with counting things
Where great big numbers make a man a king
Am I a failure just cos I’m not ashamed
With just the one love chalked against my name?
And at the end of it all at the final curtain call
I’d like to see my results as they’re presented to the board
There’ll be regrets at a few of the sums
But one score will always be one

I wonder how many words we’ve said in anger
How many times that the going has got tough
I wonder how many times I’ve said I love you
Well I’m sure that it’s nowhere near enough
I wonder how many times I said I’d change things
And then never get a single item done
Yes I know that I have to keep trying
To make sure we’ll always be one

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright © 2015 Den Miller