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Written and performed by Den Miller
© 2009 All rights reserved


You Won’t Tell Me What To Think

One of my failings is to hop over the railings and cross the road wherever I like
If the red man’s showing that’s my signal for going, keep left, I’ll walk on the right
And if you say that it’s detestable to have so much cholesterol I’ll go and have a burger and chips
And if you’re gonna count my units with a view to try and prune it then I’ll raise another glass up to my lips

Cos you won’t tell me what to think
No you won’t tell me what to think
I might be teet’rin’ on the brink
I might be wrong in every aspect but to me that’s just fantastic
And you won’t tell me what to think

Everyone is frettin’ that we’re in for Armageddon because of the pollution we cause
I used to have no problem that it’s all to do with carbon till the government told me it was
You see, when everyone’s agreed on exactly what we need, well that’s the moment I think maybe that it’s not
So the more you try and frighten then the more I’ll turn the light on and whack the central heating up a notch
(Repeat chorus)

According to the adverts everything I have is no good
I need loads of things to make me content
A perfect way of living and a perfect body with it
They’re all mine, if only I spend
But don’t expect me then to latch on to the latest silly fashion looking stupid just to try and cause a stir
Cos no matter what they sell you if I think it’s dumb I’ll tell you
And I won’t be suckered just because you were
(Repeat chorus)

I might believe in angels and that love can really change all
I might believe in heaven and hell
Show me all the movies where they just go and disprove it
And I’ll probably believe all those as well
I might believe the earth is square made by aliens who care
I might believe the earth’s a disc and that it’s flat
I might believe that it’s all supported by an astronomic tortoise with four giant elephants upon its back
(Repeat chorus)

Written and performed by Den Miller
© 2009 All rights reserved