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Written and performed by Den Miller
© 2009 All rights reserved


Be Where You Are

I’m driving through the valley looking for a quiet spot
A fighter jet squadron gives it all that they’ve got
In the isolated car park in the beauty and space
A car stereo with a thumping bass
Now up upon the lonely windy moor,
A guy’s getting excited about the football score
Higher up the mountain I admire the views
A woman phones her friend and shouts the latest news
I went away from the city stink
I went away for some time to think
I went up here for some peace and quiet
I might as well have been in a riot. Why can’t you be where you are?

In the supermarket by the fruit and veg I hear a young woman really on the edge
Half a conversation to an unseen friend, oblivious to shoppers, she’s going round the bend
She shouts to the tomatoes sitting on the shelf: “He swore on his little boy’s life he wan’t seeing someone else”
But she lets the people know in fact that this was not the case with a volley of expletives in a stranger’s face
Then things get even absurder - turns out she’s planning a murder
She says “I’m gonna kill the two-timing get!”
“Excuse me, can I get a courgette?”
Why can’t you be where you are?

With their GPS and their satellites viewing
They know where you are and they know what you’re doing
They know who you’re with and how fast you are going
They know what you’re seeing so they know what you’re knowing
And sometimes they know so much that it’s true
You’re often the one who knows least about you
And with all the distractions from near and from far
You’re way too often the one who knows least where you are

Whenever and wherever, everybody’s on call
So where do you get any respite from it all?
If your mind’s always busy and your soul is bought
Where do you get the space to find original thought?
And what’s the point of talking about it even if you did?
You don’t know if they were listening to a word that you said
They might be wrapped up in at least one other pursuit
You could be dancing right in front of them in your birthday suit
So take note of your situation
Switch off, enjoy the location
Pretend that there’s no one to text to
Talk to the person you’re next to!
Why can’t you be where you are?

Written and performed by Den Miller
© 2009 All rights reserved