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Written and performed by Den Miller
© 2009 All rights reserved


How Did We Make It To Here?

We whizz round in space in a miracle
A bit closer in and we’d fry
A bit further out we’d be frozen, except perhaps a week in July
And if the earth was a little bit smaller
We’d float off in space and be lost
And if the earth was a little bit bigger
Gravity would have us all squashed

But somehow we seem to survive
Hanging on year after year
But if you think it’s amazing we were ever alive
Tell me ... how did we make it to here?

Cos ever since Cain bumped off Abel
We’ve been determined to get ourselves dead
You’d think we’d learn not to trust all the nutters
But we ask them to lead us instead
And as the nutters have got stranger and stronger
And millions of people have died
It’s just surprising no nutter’s hit the nuclear button
Though Lord knows a few of them tried
(Repeat chorus)

We say we’re intelligent beings and that’s true to a greater extent
But although there’s been loads of intelligence
You might wonder where it all went
Is it waiting for internet shopping to come?
Is it sozzled on supermarket gin?
Is it sat watching telly all day to the point
Where it’s lost all the use of its limbs?
(Repeat chorus)

Still we’re no nearer Utopia though the road there’s so obvious it shines
But the rich take control, while the poor take the crumbs
Everyone else thinks that everything’s fine
They say “By George! We’re a civil society!”
But the fabric is stretched very thin
Just start a rumour there’s a shortage of petrol
And watch us fight over bread and baked beans
(Repeat chorus)

So what are the odds for the future?
Cos people need telling so much -
Which end to open their pack of pistachios and a warning it may contain nuts
And countless other patronising messages
Why we need these is anyone’s guess
Is it cos we’re all dangerously stupid?
Sadly, the answer is, YES!!
(Repeat chorus)

Written and performed by Den Miller
© 2009 All rights reserved