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Written and performed by Den Miller
© 2003 All rights reserved


Why Is Love So Hard?

Staring hard into another vodka and lime
Something brought me here, I can’t think what
Oh yes, I came down here to have a good time
It seems so strange that I could have forgot
I built myself up best as I know how
And looking round the girls have done the same
But all that character façade won’t help me now
Cos no-one new has come to know my name
And so I feel rejected for what I expected
Was to be accepted today
Is it too much to ask for a part in the cast?
For a love life at last
So I say

Why is love so hard?
Why are lonely hearts always on guard when I come near?
It seems like all the chances that I had just disappear
So tense the atmosphere
That I’ve just got to walk away

Why do people take you at face value?
Don’t they know that looks can tell a lie?
And girls can put such faith in total strangers
Even though they know they pay the price
Why can’t they be bothered to believe me?
I’m just looking for a chance to shine
That no-one really seems to want to give me
They just take the easy way each time
And though they never knew me, they say they see through me
But they just confuse me sometimes
I just smile and retreat and acknowledge defeat
And return to my seat in disguise
(Repeat chorus)

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright © 2003 Den Miller